Sports Communication and Cycle Tourism



Cycling promotes positive mental and physical well being and strengthens connections between humans and nature. Moreover, cycling is a sustainable mode of daily transportation, friendship creation, sports participation and community engagement, and a bridge for local tourism promotion. The links and images below provide further information on my local ride area in Hakodate.




Within the sporting context, the notion of ‘Sport is War’ has been discussed in relation to various football codes, baseball, and tennis. In this article, we examine this metaphor in relation to professional stage-race cycling, a sport known for its combative, tactical, and physically demanding nature. We focus specifically on cycling commentary of the 2016 Tour de France—thus recalibrating the metaphor as ‘Cycling is War.’ Our findings show that war metaphors are prevalent in cycling commentary and are particularly useful in highlighting aspects of the sport inclusive of competition, strategy, power, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Through these categories, the cycling is war metaphor can be said to have the potential to elevate viewer engagement as well as add insight into the technicalities of the sport and expand on previous understandings of sport/war metaphors.




"Tour of Japan sets a new long term plan called “TOJ NEXT 10”, working on two major missions; one is “Contribution to Local Communities”, developing advantage for the host cities and towns, and another is “Creation of Business Model” to allow continuous cycle road race events in this country."