Recent Employment
  • 公立はこだて未来大学,  メタ学習センター,教授(常勤)2019-present
  • Future University Hakodate, Center for Meta-Learning, Professor
  • 公立はこだて未来大学,  メタ学習センター,准教授(常勤)2014-2019
  • Future University Hakodate, Center for Meta-Learning, Associate Professor
  • 大阪大学大学院言語文化研究科,准教授(常勤)2011-2014
  • Osaka University, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Associate Professor
  • 神田外語大学国際コミュニケーション学科 講師 (常勤) 2008-2011
  • Kanda University of International Studies, Department of International Communication, Lecturer
Examination and Tutoring
  • External PhD Examiner, University of Auckland 2019
  • External PhD Examiner, Queensland University of Technology  2017
  • External PhD Examiner, University of Technology Sydney  2017
  • Associate Tutor (MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL), University of Leicester 2009-2020
  • Ph.D Applied Linguistics, University of Leicester, UK
  • M.A Applied Linguistics, University of New England, Australia 
  • M.Sc Social Psychology, University of Surrey, UK 
  • B.A (hons) Psychology, University of Bedfordshire, UK 



“Damian has consistently guided me through all of my final assignments, giving me topic suggestions, narrowing my focus, and showing me where to look. He had also given excellent feedback on my assignments, critical enough to cut though the fat, and gentle enough to always feel constructive. He has also been reliable, and consistently responded with help without delay. I couldn't have made it this far without his expertise.”


(University of Leicester, MA Applied Linguistics, Off-Campus Student, 2018)