Damian Rivers (Dr.) | Professor

School of Systems Information Science | Future University Hakodate


I research applied linguistics, educational psychology, computer and virtual reality collaboration, meta-cognition, and covariance structure analysis. I am interested in quantitative studies that explain differences in learning and academic performance.

Situation Specific Arousal Analyzer (SSAA)

Human emotion is inclusive of experiential, behavioural and physiological components. Research within the humanities has tended to over-emphasize the experiential component through assessments derived from self-report measures and interviews. With advances in wearable technologies the acquisition of moment-to-moment physiological data is now available to a wider audience. Using data collected with the Empatica E4 wristband, the the Situation Specific Arousal Analyzer (SSAA) application supports non-clinical research and analysis into the physiological tracking of autonomic nervous system arousal with a focus on state specific anxiety within foreign language education.

Latest Research Publications